About Miramar Health

At Miramar Health, our veterans’ health and happiness are our top priorities. We strive to incorporate a combination of treatment modalities we designed to provide accountability, structure, and compassion. We are here to guide you through early sobriety and help you avoid some of the difficulties and pitfalls that are at risk of being experienced along the way.


To free veterans from America’s mental health and addiction crisis and empower them to create a better future for themselves and their families.

Message from the Owner

My name is Tom Sauer, and I’m the founder of Miramar Health.  More importantly, I am an 18-year Navy and Marine Corps Veteran. Not only did I spend most of my adult life wearing the cloth of this nation, but I also witnessed the despair and havoc wreaked by addiction and mental illness through the loss of my father days before shipping off to boot camp more than twenty years ago.

That’s why when it comes to our Veterans, we have real skin in the game. Not only are we Veteran owned and operated, but we are also focused exclusively on the unique needs of America’s Veterans under attack during our country’s addiction and mental health crisis. A substantial portion of our team consists of members from all services… We’ve been there.

Just as importantly, our team includes some of the very best and most experienced clinicians in America, including psychologists, physicians, therapists, nurses, and EMTs. Together, we provide the highest quality, top-tier mental health and addiction treatment available, all in a close, family-like environment.

I am exceptionally proud of the team we’ve assembled and the treatment we provide, and I think you will be as well.

How it Works


With a brief phone call, one of our treatment specialists can guide you or a loved one through the brief and confidential admission process. We’ll answer all of your questions, and gain a better understanding of your personal situation to confirm that we’re the right program for you.

Virtual Tour

We invite you and any loved ones to virtually tour our facility and meet with our Program Director to get a first-hand look at our accommodations and better understand our program.


Get Started

After the tour we will schedule your arrival, arrange payment options with you, and work with your insurance company to provide them with proper medical and treatment information in order to apply for reimbursement. We’ll also provide you a list of recommended items to bring to treatment, as well as make ourselves available to you for any additional information and support.

Way of Life at Miramar Health


Upon arising, our clients prepare themselves and their personal space for the day. Following a light breakfast, clients start their day with some meditation and spend the remainder of the morning in individual treatment and/or group treatment sessions.

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Motivation
  • Therapy/ Treatment

Following lunch, our clients resume their individual and/or group therapy sessions. In the afternoon, clients are guided through fitness interventions either at the gym, park, or beach.

  • Lunch
  • Therapy/Treatment
  • Exercise

After dinner, our clients attend off-campus meetings, lectures, and other events, until they return and ready themselves for retiring for the day. Physician appointments, private time, family therapy, and other activities are interspersed, as scheduled, throughout the daily schedule.

  • Dinner
  • Off Campus Personal Time

The Miramar Health Team

Tom Sauer

CEO and Founder

A graduate of the US Naval Academy and an 18-year Navy and Marine Corps Veteran, behavioral health became a deep passion of Tom’s following the loss of his father to a meth overdose after decades of struggle with mental illness and addiction, just like so many millions of Americans suffering from our country’s disastrous mental health and addiction crisis. During his time as a Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Officer, Tom trained and readied his team of Special Operations EOD Operators to locate and deal with terrorist nuclear weapons. He and his team deployed as the Western Pacific’s Crisis Response Force, in concert with US Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, Joint Special Operations Command, and Los Alamos National Laboratory.  His team worked directly with the highest levels of the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, The White House, and several “other” government organizations. As a former Navy Lieutenant Commander from one of the most selective, demanding, and dangerous career fields on earth, Tom’s passion shifted to an even more deadly threat to America’s Veterans: Our mental health, addiction, and suicide crisis. Today, Miramar Health’s incredible team saves lives and relieves human suffering on a daily basis, and there’s no better group of Americans needing it more than our own Veterans. Tom holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the US Naval Academy, and graduate degrees from UCLA and the National University of Singapore.

Colin Myers


Colin Myers serves as CFO for MacArthur Group and Miramar Health. Colin is a Navy veteran, having served as a submarine officer and US Navy nuclear engineer. During his 9 years in the Navy, Colin served in demanding roles supervising the operations of a nuclear power plant and nuclear weapons security. In these roles, Colin experienced firsthand the impact of stressful working conditions on the mental health of service members, including depression and suicide. In his civilian roles, Colin is committed to helping foster environments where staff and clients receive the help, healing, and restoration they need to thrive. Prior to joining Miramar, Colin gained experience in multiple industries including serving as President of Anthem Wealth Management, VP of Department of Defense Sales for Comtech Systems, Inc., and Senior Financial Analyst for Darden Restaurants. Colin has a passion for helping others best steward their resources. He lives in Clermont, FL with his wife and three children and enjoys studying theology, and practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, table tennis, and nano-aquaculture. Colin received his undergraduate degree from the United States Naval Academy and his MBA from Rollins College.

Dennis Hough


Dennis has 25+ years of experience in a multitude of multidisciplinary companies in roles of executive leadership, operations management, and growth strategy. Dennis is a results-oriented leader who has successfully guided a multitude of organizations & leadership teams through strategic growth and expansion.  Besides strong leadership skills, his strategic systems approach, extensive industry experience and passion for building high-performing teams have attributed to his success in growing domestic and international businesses in both service-based sectors and manufactured products. Dennis also has a strong background in systems engineering, quality systems, and continuous improvement including ISO 9000, NQA-1, EOS, Lean Principles, and as a Six Sigma Black Belt. Dennis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Basharat Khan

Executive Director

As Clinical Director at Miramar Health, Basharat's aim has been to increase awareness and empathy toward helping veterans that suffer from substance abuse. His role and experiences have granted him gratitude, as he passionately works toward operating and building a program that intends to launch struggling veterans into life by means of helping them accomplish their physical, safety, belongingness, and esteem needs. He is dedicated to fostering a safe environment that is intended to improve a veteran’s chances of breaking the cycle and developing a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Joseph DeSanto

Medical Director

Dr. DeSanto has over 25 years of experience in Addiction Medicine and joined Miramar as the Medical Director in 2021. He oversees our medical staff and develops detox protocols to ensure the safety and comfort of patients. Dr. DeSanto received his Undergraduate degree from Lafayette College in Easton PA and obtained his MD from SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn NY.  He completed his Internal Medicine Internship and Residency at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles CA. Dr. DeSanto is board certified in Internal Medicine and has practiced  Addiction Medicine for over 15 years.  He specializes in detox and has worked with several Drug and Alcohol treatment centers, holding various titles and treating thousands of patients in residential and acute levels of care. He has also worked in private practice since 2012.

Dr. DeSanto’s recovery journey and the doctors caring for him in treatment led him to this work. He saw an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives who need a unique type of physician and treatment in the relatively new specialty of addiction medicine. The gratitude of his patients and knowing that their recovery helps the whole family begin healing from the disease of addiction is what he finds most rewarding about this work. In his free time, Dr. DeSanto enjoys traveling, spending time with family, hiking, golfing, biking, and practicing yoga and Transcendental Meditation. Sobriety is at the core of his life, and he protects it above all else. Dr. DeSanto is active in his 12-step community, sponsors other members, and attends meetings several times a week.

Landon Sharp

Clinical Director

As the Clinical Director of Miramar Health, Landon Sharp provides oversight and support to both certified drug and alcohol counselors and the therapist team. Landon comes with a vast amount of experience within the substance use and mental health industry. He has been working in 24/7, residential dual diagnosis facilities for the past 12+ years. Landon received his MS in Clinical Psychology and has operated as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2014. He specializes in working with individuals who struggle with substance use, PTSD, mental health issues, and the interactive nature they have on one another. Landon’s goals and intentions are to free the veteran population from the negative cycle of addiction and mental health crises that impact the opportunity to be surrounded by loved ones and impair the ability to live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

Robin Dorsey

Director of HR

Robin is the Director of Human Resources for the organization. With over 14 years of experience in management and human resources, she is a dedicated leader who values measurable results and a healthy culture where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and grow. Her core competencies include developing high-level HR strategies, expanding and diversifying the workforce, and working as a strategic business partner across teams to drive results. Her passions are focused on development and succession planning, building stronger teams and leaders. With this passion, she can keep the “human” element of human resources at the forefront and promote a successful business through people-centric approaches. Robin holds a Bachelor of Science in Addiction Psychology, a Master of Science in Human Resource Management, and multiple certifications in various HR focus areas.

Elizabeth Hagen

Program Manager

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Hagen is the Program Manager at Miramar. She started in October 2021 as a Behavioral Health Technician, working her way up to Shift Lead, and then Facility Manager. Hard work, teamwork, and dedication landed her in her current role among leadership in the program department. Lizzie brings a wealth of experience and education in coaching and management, holding a master's degree in coaching sciences from the University of the Pacific. She is driven by her passion for serving the veteran community to assist with giving Miramar’s clients the best possible resources and tools for healing in all areas of their lives. Lizzie is self-described as a human glue stick building and strengthening relationships and team cohesion around her. While she holds high expectations for excellence, she aspires to bring joy, smiles, and laughter to all those she encounters throughout each day, always leading with love.

David Pham

Nursing Supervisor

David brings five years of medical experience to Miramar Health. David has a strong work ethic and always strives to enhance the value and quality of patient care by working with integrity, honesty, and respect. He began his career as a medical assistant but wanted to do more good for his patients and provide more comprehensive and client-focused care. David went back to school to become a nurse and has since poured his dedication to treatment and care into helping each of our patients take their first steps toward their new lives.

Jerry Bustos

Human Resources Manager 

Jerry currently serves as Miramar Health’s Human Resources Manager. His passion and dedication for serving others led him to pursue a career in human resources. Jerry brings to the table a wealth of experience in Human Resources and strong business acumen. Prior to his role at Miramar, Jerry acquired his Bachelor’s degree in English and worked in the global workforce mobilization industry. Jerry hopes to cultivate a positive and impactful work culture at Miramar that allows its staff members to positively impact the lives of the veterans Miramar serves.

Andrea Dressler 

Director of Community Relations

Andrea Dressler is Director of Community Relations leading the admission, outreach and alumni team to ensure Veteran care begins prior to admission and extends after formal treatment services end.  She has been in the healthcare field since 1996 and has her master's in nursing as well as a PhD in Abnormal Psychology.  She has both clinical and administrative experience in behavioral health and has a passion for ensuring compassionate and competent care is delivered to all Miramar Health Veterans.

Brendan Dowling

Veteran Outreach Manager

As Miramar’s Veteran Outreach Manager, Brendan’s efforts focus on community engagement and raising Veteran awareness of available resources that will help them forge their own path to a free and positive future.  Brendan’s prior Naval career as a Development Group SEAL Chief and Combat Medic fuel his passion to continue service and meet Veteran’s where they are to expose them to the tools available for self-improvement. Post Naval service, Brendan leveraged his VA Education Benefits to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of San Diego. He then joined Tom’s team at Miramar to lock horns with the addiction and mental health crisis plaguing Veterans.

Amanda Walter

Program Coordinator

Amanda's journey in the health and wellness industry includes a background as a lead Behavioral Health Technician, where her dedication to mental health and wellness has been instrumental. Her passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle extends beyond the workplace, as evidenced by her past roles as a Pilates, spin, and yoga instructor. As a former triathlete, Amanda brings a unique perspective to her role, understanding the importance of discipline, perseverance, and a holistic approach to well-being. Her experiences in the world of triathlons have undoubtedly shaped her commitment to achieving excellence in both her personal and professional endeavors.

Steven Liem

Program Coordinator

I've never served in the military, so I consider it an honor and a privilege to work with our Veteran clientele at Miramar, and to give back the smallest percentage of what these guys have already done for me. Everything that makes up Miramar Health from top to bottom is focused on the care and well-being of our clients. Our Veterans deserve that, and I consider myself so fortunate to be a part of that effort!

Jeff Clay

Program Coordinator

I have been working in the field of mental health and substance abuse for 13 years. I also have 13 years of sobriety which allows me to meet our clients at the same level as they are. I love serving our veterans who have sacrificed so much for my freedoms.

Samara Brooks

Lead Nurse

I've been in healthcare since 2005 and became LVN in 2019. I started out as LVN here at Miramar Health and made my way up to becoming Lead Nurse. Being a nurse is my passion, and I enjoy taking care of and assisting others. I am a team player, honest, and sincere with patient care. I delivered exceptional patient care by bringing in my positive attitude, and my smile.

Kristal Gage

Case Manager Supervisor

Kristal Gage is a seasoned expert in the substance abuse and mental health field with 7+ years of experience, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She began her career as a Behavioral Health Technician and excelled in this role, resulting in a promotion as case manager. She demonstrated the highest quality of care for our Veterans and leadership qualities within the case management team. Currently, she is a case manager supervisor, overseeing all case managers within the company. Kristal's approach is marked by empathy and deep understanding of her clients' challenges, making her a beacon of hope for those seeking a path to wellness.

Tim Mayo

Director of IT & Systems

Tim Mayo, Information Technology Manager, has been with Miramar since November 2021 and brings 26 years of IT experience to the organization. Tim holds multiple certifications with effuses in Networking, Administration, and Project Management. Born and raised in Southern California, he is married with two adult children and enjoys camping and dirt bike riding.

Kianah Penn

Executive Assistant

Kianah Penn brings over 7 years of dedicated experience to the forefront of the substance abuse and mental health industry. Her journey led her to an executive assistant position at Miramar Health in 2021, a testament to her commitment and expertise. A compassionate advocate, Kianah focuses not only on the well-being of employees but also on the individuals seeking support on their path to sobriety. Her comprehensive approach extends beyond professional realms, as she actively engages with the community, aiming to make a lasting impact. Currently pursuing a major in business, Kianah exemplifies a commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Christopher Mac

IT Specialist

With a track record spanning 10+ years in the IT field in various client-facing roles, Chris possesses a history of exercising sound judgment and delivering cost-effective, high-impact technology solutions for small to large-sized companies. Among his many talents, he can create network designs and stable application systems based on complex business requirements and functional specifications. Develop technical processes, procedures, and initiatives that drive cross-functional transformation, improving capabilities and efficiencies. Enforce security best practices and implement host intrusion prevention software to boost awareness and enhance multilayer workstation protection. Execute periodic audits to achieve maximum efficiency of equipment investments and data security.

Jordan Allen

Veteran Outreach Specialist

Jordon has been with Miramar since October of 2021 and started his journey working in the transportation department. While in this role, he learned a great deal about the healthcare industry and how vital a part he can play in someone’s journey towards recovery. He is a strong supporter of Miramar's mission and the importance placed on serving and treating Veterans with the highest quality care possible, as these men and women have sacrificed so much for their country. He is honored and humbled to be working with such a phenomenal team of professionals in a highly focused, mission-driven organization.

Steven Montes

Admissions specialist

After graduating with his bachelor's degree in psychology, Steven built his career across several industries such as business development, relationship management, corporate recruiting, counseling, and now mental health and addiction. Joining the team at Miramar was the next and best step towards advancing his career in this industry. His previous experience as a Mental Health Specialist brings a clinical perspective to Miramar’s Admissions and Business Development team.


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