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What is the treatment setting like at Miramar?

Due to our relatively small size, we provide tailored, individualized treatment in an intimate, family-like setting. We maintain a maximum ratio of just six Veterans for every clinician here, often less than that. Our clinical team stays in close contact with our VA partners with updates and care coordination. We also stay connected to our patients after they leave as well, delivering long-term impact. We are large enough to have all the resources for success, yet small enough to provide a personal experience.

What about travel and logistics?

Miramar takes pride in personally traveling to pick up Veterans wherever they are in the Tri-West region, ensuring they arrive in a safe and timely manner in Orange County, CA for treatment. Miramar covers and handles all outbound and inbound travel and logistics for your Veteran, and is escorted to and from by Miramar staff.

Does Miramar operate 24/7?

Yes, Miramar receives Veterans 24/7, 365 days a year. Miramar will drive and/or fly to provide door-to-door pick-up service to veterans.

Are you a Community Care Provider?

  • Yes. Miramar is a VHA “in-network” Community Care Network (CCN) Provider through TriWest Healthcare Alliance, and we are contracted by them to provide Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Treatment on behalf of every VAMC in CCN Regions 4 and 5, which includes all US States in the Pacific Time Zone, Mountain Time Zone, Alaska, Hawaii, and the US Territories of Guam, American Samoa, and the Northern Marianas Islands.
  • VA Providers looking to submit a consult/referral on behalf of a Veteran through their VAMC’s Community Care Department can do so using our primary National Provider Identifier (NPI) Number: 1225321185

What services do you offer? How can you help our veterans?

  • Miramar is dedicated to helping veterans in a detox and residential treatment setting, with 24/7 on-site nursing services. Our mission is to treat veterans that live with addiction, mental health, and trauma-related issues. Veteran-owned and operated; the Miramar team understands the difficulties that veterans face after active duty and offers a wide range of services and support.
  • Miramar is a dual-diagnosis addiction treatment center with 24 licensed beds across four properties in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Mission Viejo, CA. Miramar is fully licensed by the State of California and is Joint Commission accredited, and IMS certified with a physician medical director and full nursing staff.
  • Miramar accepts and is designed for Veterans in need of Detox and Residential Treatment, ranging from seven to ten-day stays for Detox, to 30 – 90 day stays for Residential Treatment. This ultimately depends on the needs of the Veteran and the recommendations of their VA Providers. Most Veterans stay with us for 45 days or so.

Does Miramar diagnose and treat patients based on the six dimensions of the ASAM Continuum?”

Yes, Miramar adheres to the National standard ASAM criteria for providing outcome-oriented and results-based care in the treatment of addiction to veterans. The six dimensions are used to create a holistic, biopsychosocial assessment of the veteran to be used for treatment planning during the detoxification and inpatient levels of care. These treatment levels are clinically managed and medically monitored at the Miramar facilities.

What treatment modalities are offered at Miramar?

Miramar offers evidenced-based treatment modalities that are veteran focused. In addition to medically monitored detoxification, Miramar’s residential program offers CBT & DBT to address troublesome thought patterns, impulsive decision-making, and
regulation of difficult emotions such as depression and anxiety. Miramar provides trained clinical staff to help with trauma-related issues at a pace that is comfortable for the veteran.

How much are my out-of-pocket expenses for treatment?

There are ZERO out-of-pocket costs to the Veteran for travel or treatment. Miramar staff will personally travel to pick up Veterans wherever they are in the Tri-West region, ensuring they arrive in a safe and timely manner. Miramar covers and handles all outbound and inbound travel and logistics for the veterans, this is all included in their treatment.

What if I am not registered at the VA?

Veterans must be VA connected, registered, and receiving care from a VA facility in the Tri-West region.

Who do I call to get help for my veteran?

How do I know if my loved one needs Detox/SUD/Mental Health Treatment?

What can I do to support my loved one who is struggling with addiction?

  • Intervention: Help a loved one overcome addiction – Mayo Clinic
  • It’s challenging to help a loved one struggling with any type of addiction. Sometimes a direct, heart-to-heart conversation can start the road to recovery. But when it comes to addiction, the person with the problem often struggles to see it and acknowledge it. A more focused approach is often needed. You may need to join forces with others and take action through a formal intervention.


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