Breaking the Stigma of Alcoholism

Many researchers believe an addiction is a disease just like cancer or diabetes. Each of these diseases can become life-threatening, and similarly, an addiction to alcohol can end one’s life. Even with the aid of alcohol rehab centers, those suffering from addiction in Irvine, Calif., to America’s East Coast are oftentimes wrongly judged by those who don’t accept what is becoming common knowledge to science.

There is an apparent stigma against those who have formed a gripping addiction to drinking. Generally, society treats addiction as a moral failure more than a harmful disease. However, everyone should be treated with respect and offered help when needed.

“Stigma is the reason there is so much social and legal discrimination against people with addictions,” stated David L. Rosenbloom, professor of public health at Boston University. “People who are victims of stigma internalize the hate it carries, transforming it to shame and hiding from its effects.”

To help remove the stigma against those battling addiction, the negative connotation associated with addictions must be shed. We can no longer see addiction as something to be shamed, something that lessens another person’s worth.

The more individuals talk about the importance of correcting addictions and the human behavior behind it, the more individuals in Irvine and elsewhere will come together to help treat addictions—not shame them. Furthermore, individuals can assist those struggling with addiction to find appropriate help from alcohol rehab centers.

Not all who are addicted to alcohol are harmful, homeless and hopeless. Many who suffer from addiction are found within the offices of Irvine, the colleges across the nation or even our own homes. Seeing addicts as individuals with unique challenges and lifestyles will help break down the negative stigmas against alcoholism.

Those who are struggling with addiction must know there are helping hands all around. When he or she is ready, one living with addiction can take a step forward and seek the beneficial aid offered by rehab centers for a brighter future.