Signs of Alcohol Problems: Alcoholism Treatment in Orange County

Alcohol is a powerful drug that has the innate ability to change the way the brain works. When a person is addicted to alcohol, they aren’t being willfully irresponsible; they’re suffering from a chronic brain disease that inhibits their ability to drink responsibly.

The effects of alcohol (and drugs) are so powerful that nearly 22 million people in the United States suffer from addiction. Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence or alcohol abuse, occurs when an individual is not yet physically dependent on alcohol but has experienced one or more severe consequences as a direct result of overdrinking.

Does this sound like you or someone you love? 

Warning signs you may have an alcohol problem

If you’ve ever wondered if your drinking is on the high side of normal, it might be time to make some lifestyle changes. Here are a few warning signs that may indicate you have an alcohol problem:

  • You drink more than intended on a regular basis. 
  • You spend a lot of time drinking, feeling sick after you drink or recovering from drinking.
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, shakiness, irritability, anxiety, depression, nausea or sweating when you stop drinking for a short period of time.
  • Your tolerance has gone up and need to drink more to get a buzz.
  • You crave alcohol or certain people, places, things or times of day trigger a craving.
  • Your drinking has led to trouble with family or friends.
  • Your drinking has edged sober activities that you used to enjoy out of your life.

Alcoholism treatment in Orange County

If you or a loved one has any of the warning signs listed above or if alcohol has had a negative impact on your life, it’s time to take back control with expert alcoholism treatment in Orange County. Miramar has helped countless people overcome their addictions and is excited to do the same for you. We offer leading-edge alcoholism treatment in Laguna Hills, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, so you never have to travel far from home—or sit in traffic—to get the help you need.

Alcoholism treatment requires different steps. The first and most crucial is an alcohol detox. We have professionals available 24/7 to help guide you through this difficult process as smoothly as possible. Once the detox is complete, you’ll be continuously monitored for any lingering side effects as you move into rehabilitation.

We offer two types of alcoholism treatment in Orange County:

  • Residential alcoholism treatment
    Our inpatient or residential treatment is a fast and effective way to build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Our inpatient rehab program allows participants with severe addiction to focus on their recovery with help from 24/7 access to therapists and addiction specialists.
  • Outpatient alcoholism treatment
    Our outpatient rehab programs are designed for those who’ve recently completed their inpatient or residential rehab at a treatment center. Although medication-assisted treatment and individual or group therapy sessions may continue after the transition from inpatient to outpatient treatment, you will no longer reside at the facility. This treatment program allows our participants to slowly reintegrate themselves into their daily lives.

If you’d like to learn more about the alcoholism treatment programs at Miramar Recovery, please call (949) 691-5036 to schedule a free consultation. We are ready to help you overcome your addiction with a treatment program that’s been tailored to meet your unique needs.