What to Look for In a Drug Rehab Center

According to results from the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 20.4 million adults aged 18 years or older needed substance use treatment in 2018, and that number continues to rise. A substance use addiction is an illness that’s difficult to recover from alone, which is why professional care at a specialized drug rehab center, like Miramar Recovery Center, is so important. 

Find the right drug rehab center

Your sobriety is very important, so it’s crucial to choose a center that will meet your unique needs and circumstances. The perfect fit for your treatment is out there, and following these steps will help you find it:

  1. Get recommendations
    Speaking with your primary care or mental health provider is an easy way to get high-quality recommendations. People in these roles often have a built-in network of trusted contacts.
  2. Do your research
    When it comes to treatment programs for substance use addiction, you have a lot of options. Knowing how to find a drug rehab center you can trust will help you begin your recovery with confidence. Once you’ve found a few locations that may suit your needs, it’s time to contact the facility and verify their credentials, location and offerings. Set up a preliminary interview and research key questions to ask so you can get an inside look at what their clinic has to offer.
  3. Look at reviews and ratings
    Testimonials and reviews are an easy way to narrow down your choices. Choose a facility with positive reviews and one that has adequate success rates, but be wary of rehab centers claiming success rates higher than 80%, as they may be omitting people who dropped out of treatment or relapsed more than a year after treatment.
  4. Review types of rehab
    Addiction comes in many forms, and so does recovery. The length and type of rehab treatment vary depending on your unique situation and level of dependence on drugs or alcohol. Find out whether an inpatient, outpatient or residential treatment program is right for you.
  5. Find out which therapies are offered
    Therapy is a big part of your recovery journey, so it’s important to find a facility that offers a wide range of options like single and group talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, music therapy, active therapy, experiential therapy, and more.
  6. Learn about the detox process
    If you’re struggling with addiction, you will likely need a supervised detox period. Choose a facility that will help you get clean and sober safely and one that will provide prescription substitute drugs as necessary to help reduce withdrawal symptoms like pain, racing heartbeat, vomiting, diarrhea and other flu-like symptoms.
  7. Consider the location
    It’s important to consider how close the drug rehab center is to your home. For some, a local facility that is close to family and friends may be beneficial for recovery, while others may want to break the connections between your past life and your new, sober life. If that is the case, then you probably want to find a location further from home to signify a fresh start.
  8. Look at program lengths
    Treatment programs vary in length from 30 days to 90 days or more. When choosing a program, you should focus on the one that will help you achieve long-lasting recovery. Most addicted individuals need at least 3 months of treatment to get sober and initiate a plan for continued recovery.

Finding the right drug rehab center for your unique needs and circumstances can help you achieve lifelong recovery. If you’re struggling to find the support you need, call Miramar Recovery Center at (949) 691-5036 for a free consultation. We offer the most comprehensive alcohol and drug addiction treatment available.